Tuesday, July 05, 2005

i'm not lovin' it

Remember when hip hop was a culture? Man, that was wack. Fools were rappin' about Adidas and weren't even gettin' paid for it. Fortunately, it's a business nowadays and you can get paid for just about anything. Get shot, get paid. Drink Pepsi, get paid. Eat a Big Mac, get paid.

McDonald's loves hip hop as much as Sprite, Kellog's, and every other corporation who has tried to make cash off the hip hop cash cow because big business loves big business. To manifest their love, Mickey D's is now talking with Rocawear, Fubu, and other "hip hop" clothing lines to design new McDonald's uniforms .

If I go to McDonald's, it's because food consumption is a necessity for human survival and all i can scrounge up is a buck for a McMysterymeat sandwich, not because they play rap songs on their commercials or dress trendy. What are they gonna do, make McDonald's doo rags, fitted caps, and baggy jeans? Don't they realize that their employees will never look cool with a McDonald's logo any article of clothing?

Maybe they'll hip hop their logo up a bit while they're at it and have the golden arches encrusted with diamonds. They can give out free mixtapes, microphones, and blunt wraps in Happy Meals. And for commericials, how 'bout Grimace tippin' on dubs and bustin' a cap in the Hamburgler for jackin' his quarter pounder?

I guess I can't be mad at McDonald's, they're just trying to get money and that's what hip hop is all about -- gettin' mo' money, mo' money.

-Zoneil Maharaj


At 8:39 AM, Blogger Melissa said...

hahaha...that was awesome!


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