Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Backstreets WACK!

If you havent heard by now, Backstreets BACK. After falling-off, in more ways than one, (the other refering to AJ's alchoholism), the boys are back in town, or at least they're desperately trying to be. Their new album "Never Gone," the first since 2000, was released a couple of weeks ago. All I can say is GIVE IT UP! You had your ten minutes backstreet boys, could of been fifteen, but between AJ's drug problem/receeding hairline, Nick's weight gain, and Howey's annoying cornball personality...you ruined it. The only comeback this year is Mimi, and after her performance at the BET awards last week, even that is questionable.


The backstreet boys should stick to just that...the back street.


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