Thursday, June 02, 2005

California educational system is unjust

Once again, the United States school system is implementing tactics designed for students of color to fail. In California, education officials are requiring that non-native english speaking students are tested in english. When the students don't do well on the exams, BECAUSE THEY DONT UNDERSTAND THEM, the district is labled as a failure. These kind of precedures are ludacris on a state where 1 in 4 students aren't english speakers. If the district wants an accurate representation of the students "skills," which standardized testing doesn't provide anyway, then they need to test in a language that the student is comfortable with.

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Jessica Jones


At 8:10 PM, Blogger The Scrutinator said...

But doesn't that just create a segregation that will keep them isolated in a language-based ghetto? Didn't we decide that "separate but equal" wasn't really equal at all? Why bring it back?

At 8:20 AM, Blogger Julia said...

Scrutinator-depends on how you define "separate but equal" there is nothing equal about trying to educate a child but they don't understand what they are being taught! One of the fundamentals of education is to be innovative enough to reach the child or pupil in a way that is relevant to them. If the child can't understand the very language in which they are being taught, well we have violated this fundamental principle. But in addition the children should receive ESL curriculum so that they will eventually learn English so that they will flourish in a society that will never be fully bi-lingual. But you can't reach them or teach them if they don't even understand you!


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