Thursday, June 02, 2005

Baby get the baby 'cause babies are killing babies.

Hide your daughters...because I don't want to get stabbed by one of them. A 9-year-old girl, described as "a little thug" by a neighbor in a New York Daily News article, stabbed Queen Washington of Brooklyn, her 11-year-old best friend, to death with a kitchen knife over a pink rubber ball.

Marvin, what's goin' on? Let's blame that videogame where that drugged-up carjacker runs around killing people for Tonka Trucks or that movie where a game of double-dutch turns into a vicious massacre on the playground after a Bubbalicious deal goes sour. Okay, all sarcasm aside, violent games and movies may have desensitized this little girl, that's what psychologists are saying in a follow-up story in the New York Daily News .

Maybe she didn't intend to kill her friend. Maybe she thought that a knife to the chest was like an anvil falling on Daffy Duck's head, that her friend would spring back to life and they'd share a laugh and bounce their pink rubber ball in their happy tenement building amongst the green grass, sunshine, and chirping birds. Or maybe they live in a gritty project building with cracks in the building's foundation and thugs on the corner where violence occurs daily. I said "maybe;" I don't know any of this as fact. What is a fact, is that momma wasn't around at 1:30 pm when the incident occurred which allowed the little girl to run in to the flat and grab a knife. Bad parenting + bad environment = bad luck for Queenie. I know this equation is too simple but there are too many factors that could have contributed to this unfortunate event. All I can do is say: Damn, this world is crazy. Need more proof? Read this article about a 7-year-old beating his 7 month old half-sister to death with a two-by-four . I wish I was making this stuff up.

-Zoneil Maharaj


At 8:22 AM, Blogger Julia said...

Of course there could be tons of reasons why this happen. But America is truly obsessed with violence. We see it all the time and it is dangerous when we start equating violence with entertainment. What do we think will happen?

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