Thursday, March 10, 2005

Lebanon and two sides to the news

As many Americans are aware, there have been mass protests in Beirut against Syrian troops inside Lebanon. The waves of people chanting and waving the Lebanese flag are a boon to those who consider Syria to be a threat, especially in the United States. It seems lately that any hint of discontent in the middle east with the "axis of evil" designated countries is considered as legitimizing the United State's global outlook. But look closer at the file footage being played on television. There are as many Lebanese citizens chanting in opposition to Syrian troops leaving the country. Many attribute the relative stability of the country to the Syrians, and do not want them to leave. But because our government cannot fathom a Syria that anyone tolerates, our media cannot focus on all sides of the story in Lebanon.


At 10:02 PM, Anonymous Majikjenie@SBC said...

There are always two sides to everything aren't there? But I think we can agree on the fact the human soul longs to be free. I feel the people of each country should decide upon what type of government they choose to have. Iran is one which doesn't allow true democracy to exist. Of course they go through the phase and limited attempts at democracy but those in power will not allow that to is twisted enough to allow those running for office will be those, the ones in power, want. If anyone disagrees with their form of government they will not be allowed to run for office. So it isn't a government of the people, by the people, for the people is it? Lebanon was a thriving , beautiful country and can be again, given half a chance. One of our most favorite citizens in the past was from Lebanon. Danny Thomas was his name, he will be remembered for his goodness by those old enough to remember him plus he started the famous St. Judes hospital for children with cancer and it is still very active , because they never turn children with cancer away even when they cannot afford it. Lebanon can rise again as another shining star if certain countries would stop sending their trouble-makers to stir up trouble. They want to be friends with Syria; but Syria is Syria , let Lebanon be Lebanon and they both will be winners!


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