Monday, March 07, 2005


Americans just love us some constructs....

We build boxes for people to fit in like they’re shoes or gerbils. We put folks in boxes so we can identify them, control them, separate them… separate ourselves from them. Black. White. Beautiful. Ugly. Urban. Suburban…

Don’t get me wrong… Differences are beautiful. God made everyone different for a reason… He made groups of people and ethnicities and genders different for a reason… He loves diversity. But we abuse our differences. We manipulate them.

We create constructs.

America’s built on constructs—little boxes… The kind that constrict your breathing and your freedom… the thing about constructs is they make you hate your differences. They make you hate your individuality. Constructs make you want to be someone else, so much so that you’ll do whatever you can to make it happen.

You run away from people like you, hate people who remind you of you… buy into the ideas and products that claim to make you better than you or different from you and more like something else.

Marketers love constructs. We love to tell women they need to be a size 3. We love to tell black folks that black is only beautiful when it has light skin or when it’s making us laugh or entertaining us. We love to tell boys they need to own this car or this pair of jeans or this type of hair cut in order to be a man…

Constructs are good for business. Constructs make people spend money trying to break free of themselves.

Coming to terms with what you are, understanding what you are… making peace with what you are… That’s free. Can’t sponsor that. Can’t slap a logo on that.

Well… I gotta run. Gotta get back to the grind.


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