Monday, January 03, 2005

more on blogging diversity...

Ah the joys of diversity discussions...

first off, I don't think anyone's ripping me; i think we're simply disagreeing, which is what good discussion is all about--hearing different sides and dialoguing accordingly. Besides i've got reasonably thick skin. so, keep it coming, one and all.

I don't believe in a colorblind society. I don't believe God made everyone different just so we could pretend that we're not. In other words, a Zebra isn't simply a horse with stripes. I think difference is a good thing. In fact, I think God appreciates difference a whole lot more than we as human beings do. We're the ones that seem hell bent on making everything fit into whatever boxes that we're comfortable and ignoring or ostracizing what doesn't.

Back to colorblindness. Big mistake. Being colorblind is a really nice way of saying, "we are incapable or respecting different races, cultures, etc.; so let's just pretend it doesn't exist." The solution or strategy depending on how you look at things it to get people to see the beauty and possibilities in differences, not in similarities, which may have to be forced or fabricated just to maintain some false sense of unity.

As it relates to the online community and blogging, you're right--you have a whole diversity of views just on this blog and within this community alone. My only problem is when it gets potrayed as only being one way by others. For example, if MSNBC or ABC were to mention this community they're be more interested in what you have to say than what others in this "room" have to say for obvious reasons.

And you're right, no one knows what any looks like out here unless you share that info or post a picture of yourself. That fact alone begs a very serious question: Are mainstream outlets intentionally and purposely highlighting only white bloggers and online community hosts? I mean given the diversity of views within any culture, race, gender, etc. You'd think they'd find someone of color on accident alone, no? Unless of course they're choosing to ignore those folks...

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At 4:00 PM, Blogger Patrick Anderson said...


I agree when you say it's not possible to be colorblind in everyday life (the online community being an interesting exception). Differences in people and backgrounds are indeed beautiful. It's quite natural to enjoy variety. But I feel strongly that color should be ignored when it comes to using it as a critereon for advancing one different person over another. Anything else is racism.

Racism has no place in choosing people for jobs, university admissions, who gets published in the media, or who gets elected. We all know reality isn't like that. But if you're striving for an objective morality, only qualifications matter. Do you think otherwise?

You said:

"The solution or strategy depending on how you look at things it to get people to see the beauty and possibilities in differences, not in similarities, which may have to be forced or fabricated just to maintain some false sense of unity."

Wow! I'm almost speechless, but not quite. Let me get this straight. At the point of a gun, you are asking "Bubba" to wrap his arms around you, me, Gustavo and Nadia and play ring-around-the rosie in the meadow? And if he doesn't maintain your false sense of unity, are you going to pull the trigger?

Your solution does not create unity, only division and derision. Let Bubba wallow in his own mess. His day is over. But let's not stoop to his level of racism.

RIP Shirley Chisolm

Sons of Dixie free your soul
Africa is not your foe
Lose the hatred, calm the rage
Teach yourself to disengage
Fold your flag and seek the truth
The Stars and Bars confine your youth
Ain’t you heard the war is over?

Damn the slavers’ vile transgression
Praise the freedom from oppression
Bring the children to the table
Reach them, teach them, lose the label
Don’t accept the masters’ dole
Shed the chains and take control
Everybody work together.

You got to stand for somethin’ if you wanna be free
You got to break the yoke of dependency
You got to stand
You got to stand for something.’

From: Songblog

-Patrick Anderson

At 10:54 PM, Blogger Hajpaj said...


I may have mis-phrased that last point. I would rather be divided by honest differences than united by phony similarities. I don't knock "Bubba" or you or anyone else of a different background or ethnicity, etc. However if the only whay for us to get along is for us to pretend we have no differences or to pretend that it's okay for one group to determine the status quo for all, then we have huge problems...

And of course, all things being equal, qualifications and talent should reign supreme. and everyone should have equal access to stand or fall on their own merits.

At 6:51 AM, Blogger Patrick Anderson said...

Hajpaj--Amen to that. We are on common ground. Enjoyed the discussion.--Patrick Anderson

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