Wednesday, January 26, 2005

HOT 97 sings, Asians scream and the polticians lean back...

Well, well... what do we have here:

HOT 97 in NYC (I've been gone 5 years and i still miss manhattan) drops a joint called "tsunami song": The kids who've been oprhaned by the floods will be sold into sex slavery... Asians need to shut up... People laughing at the death and destruction...It's a foul and racist song all the way around. And the culprits? Mainly Black radio talent.

Star and Buck, Miss Jones and crew decided to play the same card that Howard Stern, Debbie Shlussel, Rush Limbaugh and Don Imus and countless of white on-air talent have played for generations: It's the "ethnic people of color is funny and their suffering is even funnier" card. All these guys grew up on Stern's nigger jokes and slurs. They've heard all of Limbuagh's thinly veiled and not-so-thinly veiled racial slurs. They've seen the Jenny Jones and Ricky Lakes parade out sterotypical blacks at a profit for generations. They've seen the success of Anne Coulter, Bill O'Reilly and (neocon-in-training) Dennis Miller. And now it's 2005 and they've decided that "well hell, we can do what they do and get ratings, too. After all, we're all equals now." And this time, Asians, a smaller demographic, get to feel the heat.
There's something amussing about black talent essentially thinking that a) it's okay to slur other races in the name of ratings and "cuz i can, and screw you if you can't take a joke," reasoning. and b) because we're "equal" to "mainstreamers" therfore we should have the right to do everything "they do/did".
And we also have the Republicans and Democrats teeing off on HOT 97 in the name of their various constituencies. All matter of congressfolk from coast to coast have weighed in on this one as a lay-up. "Racism is wrong!" They're screaming. Racism. Is. Wrong... Way to go out on a limb, folks. (Tax dollars at work.)
In some way, this HOT 97 also reminds me of the confirmation hearings on Judge Gonzales and Dr. Condoleeza Rice. Like the outrage against the black racist stuff on HOT 97 it's like Congress and many americans are saying, "Lookit, White right-wing neocon simpathizers and activist judges are one thing. But we'll be damned if we have black folks and brown folks pulling the same card!" And as I've said before, I don't care for Rice (or Powell before her) or Gonzales' politics and views, but what separates them from any judge or high-ranking cabinet post-holder in the past? The others were all telling the truth? The other's were all looking out for the people? What, Tip O'Neil never told a lie? When Bush, Sr. ran the CIA, he gave full-dsclosure to the American people? C'mon, y'all. The differences are pretty obvious.

One of the many ironies in all this mess is hearing folks like Jin, an asian-american emcee (and a good one ) firing back using rap lyrics criticizing HOT 97. And he's not alone. Thanks to hiphop, soul music, BET, etc. Many Asian-Americans, along with Hispanics, Europeans, etc. "embrace" black culture--at least as far as they can claim ownership and definition of it. Consequently, most of th Aisians complaining about this know HOT 97 because they're fans of 97's "urban" format, which is just a bastardized term for "black music that's acceptable everyone else."

There's always been something amusing in America about having non-blacks embracing and in most cases flat-out stealing black culture, then turning around and using it as a platform to criticze black folks. Even when the criticism is just--and in this case it is--it's always struck me as more than a little bit hypocritical on more than a couple of levels. It's like saying, "I'm gonna take from your community, with or without your permission, because I can, and i'm going to use what i've taken to put you in your place whener i see fit." You see this alot with the co-option of MLK Jr.'s legacy. (Everyone from midgets to smokers to fat people to white gays pulls the " this is not what MLK would've done" card to justify getting whatever it is they want"--usually at the expense of black folks, by the way.)

This is also the part of multiculturalism in America that I've always struggled with. So much of what we call "multiculturalism" really comes from everyone doing their versions of black culture (artforms, language, dress, etc.), yet there's no real discussion about the racial politics or reprecussions of this. There's an arrogance, almost a type of racism involved when you decide that simply because you like what comes out of someone's community that you're entitled to own it or create your version of it. Particularly when those people could never pull the same stunt on your respective culture/artforms, etc. (Consider how accomidating Koreans or Chinese or French or Italians or Jews would be of Black Americans suddenly decided to claim ownership and authority of their various cultures (music, dress, lanugage, etc.). The result is a psuedo koombya vibe where everyone pretend to have something in common; that is, until one of the "friends" gets out of line and spits something like the Tsunami Song.

Anyway, this HOT 97/Senate Confirmation Hearings stuff is just the beginning of the New America, an American where way too many black folks, in the name of "having overcome" will be forced to learn 4 very ugly lessons the hard way:

1) Being equal to the mainstream society that's held you down for so long doesn't mean you adopt the worst of their traits, too. 2) We've probably sacrificed being ourselves and embrancing our own communities in the name of being "equal" and "accepted" by everyone else. 3) No matter how far we go, someone'll remind us that "Oh hell nawh! Nuh-uh, nigga--you can say/do some things, but you don't get to say/do (that)!" And 4) If love of money and power ain't the root of all evil, they're at least evil's biggest cash crops.

Hadji Williams is author of KNOCK THE HUSTLE:How to save your job and your life from Corporate America. ( It's hiphop's first guide to success in business, culture and life. You can reach him at:


At 6:57 PM, Blogger flika said...

Hey Hadji,

Hmm. Interesting point about black folks being held to different standards... but do you think it's because the racism is about the tsunami? I feel like I've heard racist jokes about Asian folks on hip hop stations before, and no one seemed to think it was a big deal. Perhaps this time people are up in arms because it's regarding the tsunami?

Also, I agree with you up to a certain extent about the appropriation of hip-hip. Yeah, it's kind of wrong. But what about the appropriation of Asian culture? Does that mean that Wu Tang shouldn't have picked that name? I used to get really bent out of shape whenever I saw instances of cultural appropriation regarding Asians (and believe me, I was angry A LOT because it happens A LOT), but then I realized that everyone does a little bit of appropriating. Whether it's Gwen Stefani and her bindi (and now her Japanese sidekick girls) or Jay Z mixing South Asian beats into his music, everyone is borrowing from everyone.

-Jean Chen

At 7:24 PM, Blogger flika said...

More on appropriation: I also wanted to add that yeah, I know it seems harmless for say, a non-Asian person to have a tattoo of a Chinese character. But the thing is, everytime someone dons something Asian and "exotic," it leaves me being perceived as exotic and an outsider as well. Oriental tattoo = oriental rug = oriental girl.

-Jean Chen

At 12:11 PM, Blogger Hajpaj said...

This is an interesting topic... I've always wondered how folks from other ethnic communities feel about cultural artforms being co-opted, intertwined, etc.

I think it's one thing to say you have "influences" but i think as america becomes more and more diverse--by 2040 51% of america will be non-white, while only 20% of the country will be black--i think you'll see tons of growing pains, cultural appropriation being one of the major ones.

be curious to hear other folks thoughts on this.

At 12:56 PM, Blogger Markkind said...

When has Rush Limbaugh or Bill O'Reilly ever used racially offensive ethnic humor on their radio shows?

At 9:04 PM, Blogger The Green Man said...

I've worked in the arts for a long time as a performer, and a statement like "There's an arrogance, almost a type of racism involved when you decide that simply because you like what comes out of someone's community that you're entitled to own it or create your version of it." comes from a place I simply don't comprehend. Please try to take that as a statement of my own deficiency, and not a criticism of your opinion. I'd like to challenge your remarks a few ways, if you have the patience to permit that, and I hope you can see that I'm doing so to get you to explain yourself, because I'd like to understand you better.

From my perspective, I thought I was entitled to create anything that pleases me. I thought you were too. But this sounds like, somehow, you are offended that I would play with forms I found at your show. Perhaps you inspire me. Is that a bad thing? If I feel inspired, and I'm an artistic person so I'm driven to convert that inspiration into my own performance, how does that hurt you? Why are you angry about it?

I don't even think I can help incorporating elements from all kinds of cultures into my work. I mean, I watch TV, I go to other people's plays, I see the movies... how could I not be influenced by all those different models of behavior? We live in a global culture now, where everything everywhere is available to everyone. And it influences all of us, I think, in interesting ways.

To give a specific example: I grew up in a house where my parents had fallen in love listening to songs on the radio that were performed in a style that evolved from roots in segregated black culture. And that was long before I was born into that home. At the young and impressionable ages that music was working its way into my subconcious, do you think I was supposed to be aware it wasn't "mine"? Am I now supposed to avoid performing Jazz, Gospel, or Rock and Roll because it's somehow "not a part of my heritage"? Because, from my perspective, I've lived with that music every day of my life, and so has my family, and so have all of my friends. As I say, how could I even begin to avoid the subtle and powerful influences that has on my behavior, personal presentation, and aesthetic?

I don't feel particularly arrogant about that. I owe a humble debt of eternal gratitude to thousands of artists -- composers, performers, playwrights, painters, sculptors.... you get the idea -- all of whom have shaped my deeply personal sense of what is beautiful, what depicts evil, what makes me angry, or grabs my gonads on an animal level, or makes me look cool. If you come to a show where I'm working and you don't like what I'm doing with all those influences, I absolutely respect that. I mean, you don't have to like it (although, as a performer, I really hope you do). But it feels like there's something wrong if you're suggesting I shouldn't be performing at all, or I should somehow be watching out to make sure I don't "appropriate" anything. Because I just plain don't know how I could do that.

On a more theoretical level, I think that would be the way to kill art. It's my opinion (and this is clearly a subjective and personal opinion) that some of the very most exciting art, over the history of mankind, was created when a set of new ideas was infused into an existing community of artists who were already proficient and actively engaged with their own audiences. That breath of fresh air, and the excitement that comes with it, is what we artists live for, I think. That's the real payoff, isn't it? I hope you're not suggesting that's wrong.

Or have I missed your point completely? Sometimes I find that when someone says something that seems completely off the wall to me, it's because they're talking (under the covers) about a different issue than the one that's on my mind. Have I just flat out misinterpretted what you wrote? Either way, I would appreciate it if we could talk about that some more.

Thank you.

At 12:43 PM, Blogger Patrick Anderson said...

I have to agree with The Green Man. The very progress of civilization has always depended upon cultures influencing other cultures, whether it be art, music, technology, agriculture, language, science, or literature. Egyptians influenced Greeks, Greeks influenced Romans, Asians influenced Europeans, Africans influenced North, Central and South Americans, North Americans influenced the Japanese, and on and on. There is absolutely zero racism in cultures imitating, incorporating, or appropriating cultural elements from each other. On the contrary, imitation is the very antithesis of racism and, as they say, the sincerest form of flattery. -Patrick Anderson

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At 4:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Green Man, alot of outside ideas that people were influenced by were exposed to the people in the context of conquest. Too many times throughout history, in those situations, the conquering groups and groups with more power have often respected the accomplishments of the said culture but not the people-not their culture, not their perspective, and not their history. Too often, groups with influence do not even acknowledge the origins of the said contributions; and when they do, they downplay it.You see this from the standpoint of mainly that of an artist but it is more to it than that. This can be said for many of the cultures experiencing appropriation. Anyway I know for a fact that outside of music and sports, the accomplishments of blacks the world over are unknown, unacknowledged and underestimated, particularly in the U.S. and downplayed grudgingly accepted when they are.

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