Saturday, January 01, 2005

All Bloggers Ain't White

It's 2005 and I still feel like I'm way too alone in my quest for the holy grail of diversity. I saw Time's mention of Bloggers in its "people of the year" list. But I'll be damned if they only highlight white folks. I mean "Wonkette"? Is she not the most overrated broad with an ISP or what?! Actually I take that back--she's got a place out there, as we all do.

But what frustrates me is that cyberspace was supposed to be the cure-all for this white-wash in the media, wasn't it? It was supposed to be the one venue/vehicle for everyone, black, white, asian, hispanic, foreign, domestic, rich, poor, etc. to have equal footing. But I wonder...

I've been online in one form or another for about a decade now and short of sexual fetishes, athletics and music, there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of diversity out there. Still. Every Blog that's seems to get any burn whatsoever is run by a white male or a white female; and for a little diveristy, they'll throw in teenage, seniors, rural and collegiate variations thereof. And when it comes to the big boys, NBC, FOX. ABC, and CNN, etc.'s idea of a blog is a staff reporter/ intern posting some corporate approved drivel on their heavily filtered homepage and calling it "the people's voice"...

I'm sorry but Gideon Yago, Mo Rocco and Wonkette don't speak for me. Neither does Jeanne Garofolo, Al Franken or John Stewart and his crew. Nope. When I say "diveristy" I don't mean blondes, brunettes, readheads and gay or pseudo-hipster/wannabe-outsider versions thereof. I mean people who are actually darker than a suntan and not because they fake-baked or sprayed their way into it. I'm talking about people who live in the communities that 70% would never voluntarily visit under any circumstances. I'm talking about listening to the same people we might normally call the cops on because they always manage to "look suspicious" to us. I'm talking about actual Americans.

Sooner or later, someone's gonna look at the Census figures and realize that America is about as White as it's ever gonna get. Ever. Sooner or later ever other person walking down the street will be non-caucasian. And sooner or later, we're actually going to have to listen to them. And not just the two or three of them that we're "comfortable with", but all of them. All of them. And call me crazy, but I think that's a good thing. Cause I bet those folks actually have something half-way intelligent and insightful to bring to the party.

Ironically, I'm ranting and raving solely thanks to Farai Chideya and Jean Chen--hardly old white folks'... Unless they've been pulling a "white chicks" on us all. But beisdes them, name someone who isn't "mainstream" that the mainstream media listens to. Point is, Blogging, like every other invention and advent has its possibilities. I just hope it doesn't go the way of 99% of what the media puts out now in the form of news and entertainment.

Just my two cents.

Blog till their brains cramp; blog till their eyes bleed. Bring the pain--people don't listen until it hurts.


At 5:22 AM, Blogger Patrick Anderson said...

Hajpag--Has it occured to you that no one knows your race, gender, color, nationality, politics, religion, philosophy, sexual orientation, education, hometown, income, occupation, prejudices, or anything else about your online demographic until you tell them? The internet is the least expensive, most accessible and most color blind medium in the history of communications. If you are not happy with the diversity of the online community, what are you going to do about it besides blame the people who are diverse from you for being diverse from you? Go buy a friend a computer. Or take them to the library.

At 8:56 AM, Blogger Gustavo said...

Hy, Hajpaj.
I am Brazilian, and I have a blog. I thik than the diversity of blogs is beautiful and interesting. In My blog ( for example, I am writing about many subjects. This blog "pop and politic..." is wonderful. Because this I write comments in this.
In my country, the oficial language is portuguese. But, exist blogs in many languages. And I have two blogs in portuguese and other in english. Not is wonderful?
Through blogs, I have speak with persons of many countries.
I like read in blogs, really!

At 4:32 PM, Blogger Falsafah said...

From my experience, I think I've seen more non-whites on the internet - on message boards, websites, blogs. They are everywhere.

Most people living in less developed countries cannot get easy internet access. They don't even think blogging is possible!

I don't really care if you're black or white as long as you're cool. I'm cool.

Happy new year!

At 5:44 PM, Blogger Gustavo said...

Who is white? Are you W.A.S.P., Nadia? The problem is you. I am of Latin America, and I have in my ancestors: jews, britishs, american indians and portugueses. Are you racist, Nadia?
If I understanding you, Nadia, you is against than peoples of Third World had acess to blog. Is really your thinking?
If yes, I don't agree with you, really! I come here to writing in this excelent blog, and if I will not welcome to here than a person speak at me this.
What is race? The humanity are only one race, but with many etnical differences. I am not a black. But I am not a "anglo- saxonic" white. And this not is a problem.
Sorry for my confide. But, Nadia, white americans are not have superiority in relation with other persons. This is my opinion.
Save the diversity of blogs!

At 8:44 PM, Blogger Falsafah said...


You have truly understood my previous comment.

Before I rant any further, I would just like to say that I am not a bloody racist. I don't even know what a W.A.S.P mean.

I was saying that since less developed countries have no easy internet access, they cannot find the time to fully participate in the world of blogging. Most of them go to internet shops to check their emails. And most of the time, the connection is slower, how could anyone have patience for that?

This could be one of the reasons why you don't see alot of non-whites blogging.

If it makes you feel any better, Gustavo. I am Asian. I live in Asia. I know what's happening in my own backyard. I know people have alot more to think about than looking for an internet shop to blog.

I am not against people from the so-called 'third world' blogging. If they have the access, then good for them.

I have friends who have blogs who are non-white. And if you look harder, they are everywhere. Is just that, they don't really tell who they are.

It's the exposure. It's where you frequent on the internet. The message boards you go to, the websites, etc. I welcome the diversity in blogging. It's a wonderful thing to share stories with people from all over the world.


At 8:46 PM, Blogger Falsafah said...

Wait a minute! i made a typo!

You have truly misunderstood my previous comment, Gustavo.

At 6:42 AM, Blogger Gustavo said...

You are unbelievable, Nadia.
Do you live in Asia? What's your country?Bye.

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