Wednesday, November 03, 2004

The War Room

Last night, I watched "War Room", a documentary
following Bill Clinton's 1992 campaign and victory. I
felt a strange but not entirely unpleasant nostalgia
for that time, when we were so hopeful, so excited
about our candidate, and finally so happy to have
ended the long Republican reign in the White House.

At the same time, I was feeling very frightened and
uncertain about today's election. I felt almost kind
of old really, grousing internally about "the good old
days" when my candidates used to win and when we knew
by the end of the evening who would take over in
January. My first vote ever was for Governor Ann
Richards after all, for her first term, when I was
suddenly able to recognize that not every Texan was a
right wing Christian Coalition Republican the way it
always seemed to me before. Of course my last vote in
Texas before I moved here to the West Coast was also
for Ann but with a very different and dismaying
result: the beginning of W.'s political climb.

But today, that uncertainty and fright has just
dissolved. I'm not longing so much for those good old
days, because I think that my candidate WILL win this
one and the future WILL be brighter. If nothing else,
I'm basking in the invigorating experience of seeing
record voter turnout, people actually waiting in line
for hours in rain and snow to vote. Amazing. This
will overtake 1992 as the election I always remember

Now I have my own little war room going, with Air
America on the radio, 24 hour news on the tv (muted
unless something good happens) and the internet with
Pop and Politics and Salon up for constant updates.
The refresh icon is getting a serious workout today.
I've never been more excited about an election day,
and I hope my optimism turns out to be right.

Holly in San Francisco

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