Tuesday, November 02, 2004

voting in chicago

It’s about 7pm Chicago time… Just got back from the polls on the North Side. When you’ve lived in Chitown as long as I have you forget that we’re the town that invented the phrase, “vote early, vote often.” (no joke.) Voting today was a reminder of just how easy it is to fix an election.

First off, my designated polling place was—get this—in the lobby of someone’s apartment building. Just an apartment building. Nothing official or secure, just some random apartment building that anybody could walk into. No security whatsoever. When I walked into the lobby, there were people voting in their pajamas, clearly tenants. I guess if I lived right upstairs from my polling place, I’d do the same. As I stood in line I kept wondering what their day was like, “Let’s see… brush my teeth, take out the trash… oh yeah, vote on the way back up.” There’s just something fundamentally bizarre about all of this. Then again, maybe it’s just me.

And far as I’m concerned this is a total class thing, too. You got to into the more “urban” neighborhoods, like where I used to live, they ain’t setting up polling booths in folks’ basements and whatnot. Nope, those folks gotta go for a walk… or a drive… or a ride… or hop on a bus or something. You gotta work to cast a ballot.

Speaking of ballots…

With all the money they spend on elections, you’d think we could get some real ballots and real booths. What’s with the crappy pseudo-Scantron looking things, huh? Didn’t we learn from this already? I felt like I was back in high school taking a PSAT or an ACT test. Next election, I want a real voting booth, not this stupid suitcase thingy on legs! It’s sad.

Alan Keyes is getting mauled by Obama, by the way. Not that the republicans care or anything. They ran Jack Ryan out of the election—he’s the guy that took his ex-wife to swing parties and was into all kinds of freaky sex stuff. Ryan was just what normally wins in Illinois politics—rich and white. But they ran him out because of sex. Talking about cutting off your nose to spit your face.

As for Keyes, it’s not like they’ve funded the guy’s campaign—they’ve given him no money, virtually no TV support or fundraising efforts… Ah, the joys of being a black politician. We have several local and state elections going on tonight and numerous republicans are doing everything they can to get as far away from Alan Keyes as possible. Which is sad, because the only reason Keyes is ruining is because none of the white republicans wanted to. The Illinois Republicans went after Mike “da coach” Dikta and he said, “no, thanks.” How sad are you when you can’t even get a former athlete/celebrity who’s actually a republican to help you out? The Illinois Republican party is such a joke.

There have been reports in the last few days that Keyes’s daughter is gay. Supposedly she’d got a blog up with a picture of her and her girlfriend on it. He has no comment, of course. But I have a question? Isn’t every politician’s daughter gay? Doesn’t everyone have a gay cousin or an Uncle or something? Why is this news?

Well… I’m hungry. I’m gonna go eat and watch all the talking heads screw up the exit polls again.


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At 6:02 PM, Blogger Wolvie2599 said...

I have to agree with you on those ballots! I voted for the first time ever today and I couldn't believe how ghetto the ballots were. I expected some fancy, technological computer ballot. However, when I walked in, I was handed an envelope and a two sided sheet of paper. There were candidates on the paper and I had to mark my votes with a marker! I was very suprised. Its no wonder the counting of the votes is so messed up. Why don't we use more effiecent ways of voting? Would computers be more efficent? Im not sure. I bet they would find ways to screw that method up too.

At 7:15 PM, Blogger Hajpaj said...

It's ridiculous... It's like our elections are run by the same folks who run the $.99 stores or something.

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