Tuesday, November 02, 2004

The vote got out

Put on my "Refuse Bush" shirt today and went down to the polls. The turnout there was incredible. The line snaked out the door (and in Berkeley, a co-worker reports that even though he got there 10 minutes before the polls opened, there were already 50 people in line). There weren't enough booths so we voted at folding chairs. But then, this being San Francisco, California, we had to make decisions about 16 state initiatives and 15 city measures, ranging from reforming the Three Strikes law (Yes!) to the "Save our local theaters" measure that would actually divert $10 million to an unproven organization in San Francisco (No!).

Anyway, it's lovely to see that turnout nationwide is HUGE. Which means that all those lovely polls of likely voters mean absolutely nothing. My 25-year-old sister is one of those people throwing a monkeywrench in the polls -- she's voting in her first presidential election. Which is why I'm not at all surprised that those not-supposed-to-be-published exit polls are currently favoring Kerry...


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