Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Obama, VoD... Where's Michael Moore?

Okay , it’s about 1pm, Chicago time… Obama is looking strong… Keyes or Obama, Illinois will have only the third black senator since reconstruction. I’m thankful to be alive to see that. It’s something my gramma and most of my elders never saw. But I’m also hurt to know that in so many areas of society, we’re still fighting to be the first or second or third or fourth of anything. We should be past that, but we’re not.

Just saw another “VOTE or DIE” PSA… Those crack me up. MTV, VH1, BET, etc. are killin’ me. We sell images of thugs, pimps, strippers, materialism, then expect people to care about our issues and take us seriously. People may buy stereotypes but they won’t vote for them and they sure won’t lose any sleep over the disenfranchisement of thugs, niggas, bitches, hoes, babymamas, and athletic/comedic savants, which is how we constantly come off, particularly in hiphop and entertainment.

Anyway, enough complaining…

Where’s Michael Moore? Haven’t seen him on TV in a minute now. He’s probably somewhere counting his Farenhype money. Sorry, I know 9/11 was hot, but he seems like such an opportunist—they all do to be real with you.

Phone Break…

Just got off the phone with a friend from NYC… His daughter’s a student at U of Michigan. She just got done voting and now she’s working the polls as a volunteer. She says the turnout is huge. Haven’t heard much about the hiphop generation on TV; haven’t seen much coverage on the youth vote in general. I’m sure Gideon Yago and crew will step up soon to fill me in.

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