Thursday, November 04, 2004

more from chicago

Checking in from Chicago. It’s Thursday, 2:30pm, Day Two of GWB II… So, tell me folks? When’s the last time a sequel was as good as the original? Shrek II? For all of our sakes, Bush better wise up and be more inclusive and compassionate at home and smarter and more humane around the world.

As for the opposition…

The Democrats suck. There, I said it. I’ve come to the conclusion that the Democrats flat-out suck. They don’t know how to run a campaign or take a stand on anything. Let’s be real: The only reason they picked JFK (John Friggin’ Kerry) was because they decided Howard Dean was too whacked-out to sway the ubiquitous “moderate” crowd. It was the classic “lesser of two evils” syndrome. The Democrats need to grow a pair and take a position and stick with it.

The DNC needs to recognize that “They Suck!” is not a campaign strategy or a platform. Folks know what they RNC is about. We know the mistakes they make. We live thru their hypocrisies, etc. every day. The DNC’s job is to say, “Here’s where we’re different. Here’s what we’ll do differently.” I mean, Kerry was in the senate for 19 years yet he never talked about it once on his campaign trail. Imagine going for a job interview and the interviewer seeing your resume with 19 years of experience at your previously employer and all you can say is “Hire me because all the other job candidates blow!” Yeah… you’ll get real far workin’ that angle.

And as a black voter I’m sick and tired of these fools taking us for granted. Every four years one of these clowns shows u in my church or posing with Russell Simmons like, “Hey, some of my best friends are black!” Then you don’t hear from these people ever again unless it’s to accuse somebody else of being racist or biased. They need to take a look in the mirror. They’ve got more love for the likes of Nancy Pelosi, Hilary Clinton, etc. than they do for any person of color at any level. And somebody needs to remind the DNC that diversity is not blondes, brunettes and readheads.

My hope is that they don’t pimp Barak Obama into being the new “minority mascot” a la Charlie Rangel or Jesse Jackson… or Russell Simmons and Puff, even. I mean, once it was clear that Obama was gonna roll in a landslide after Jack Ryan got tossed in February or March, the DNC has had that cat running all over the country doing photo ops and fundraisers for every white liberal possible. He hasn’t even been in Chicago much this whole year. I think they’re gonna play him the way the RNC treated J.C. Watts, Colin Powell, Condi Rice, etc.

I say all the leadership in both parties needs to get fired. They need a wholesale housecleaning from Terry McCauliffe on down. Fire them all. Get some real folks in there who know that they’re doing and who aren’t so busy chasing moderates to stand up for what’s right.

Well, that’s it for now… I’ll holla later today.


Hadji Williams is author of KNOCK THE HUSTLE: How to save Your Job and Your Life from Corporate America.


At 12:47 PM, Blogger mtlanglo said...

I've spent the day writing a speech Kerry should have given :)

America is becoming more like a NASCAR dad than an East Coast liberal. They are breeding faster and they've learned how to vote...

At 12:50 PM, Blogger Duke of DeLand said...

I find your message interesting; however, I believe you missed a salient point or two.....

I am a conservative/libertarian kinda guy, and was not as much FOR Bush as I was OPPOSED to sKerry....who was that!

The Dems would have had my vote this time......IF they had not allowed the ultra-liberal sKerry/Kennedy/et al wing of the party to dominate, and instead have moved to Lieberman....he was the best candidate going!

It seemed to me that the party, dominated by a completely lackluster leader (McAWFUL), felt that to show their hatred of the "Dreaded Bush" they had to move to the far opposite end of the spectrum.

Truth be known a move to Lieberman....or a somewhat more moderate Dem would quite likely have given the Dems the election.

Check out some of my views @

Thanks folks for hearing my input!

At 3:00 PM, Blogger Dave Nalle said...

Good points, but I think Lieberman's total lack of anything like charisma would have done him in.

I caught from the original post that our bloghost is of the black persuasion. Any thoughts on the phenomenal shift of minority voters to the Republicans? With every election more blacks and more hispanics leave the democrats. This time it looks like about 9% of the black voters and 14% of the hispanic vote went Republican for the first time, adding substantially to those already converted, bringing it to about 30% of blacks and 45% of hispanics voting with the GOP. IMO it's the elitist attitude of the Dems and the clear inclusionary policies of Bush's administration.

That said, it was the economy that buried Kerry. Campaigning on economic problems which obviously weren't as serious as he kept saying they were was tranparent and just stupid.


At 3:38 PM, Blogger MB said...

I feel you on the Obama issue. I hope he maintains his integrity.

At 4:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

ok i am sorry i respect your opinions and all but how can you say that Democrats Suck?? atleast they care for the working class people out there!! we cant all be millionaires now can we!!!! i am tired of people thinking that Bush is a "regular" sorry but just because he is ignorant and cant speak very well does not mean he is going to stand up for the 'common' folk!!! it just means that he is stupid and that is that!! i mean do you honestly want a man who said " i like to dig in the dirt for bugs" to run your country?!?!?! as for Kerry since when is it wrong to change your mind on something when new information comes in??? they did take a stand and that was that the war in Iraq is wrong!!! The only reason he ever said he thought the war in Iraq was good was at a time when we did not have the information we all have now!!!! Bush is a F*cking idiot and everyone knows it! i know that here in Florida the new and "imporved" voting systems were a big mistake bc a lot of the people had to go back and vote more than once bc at the end of the ballot it would say that they voted for Bush when they really voted for Kerry!!! now those are only the people who actually looked before hitting enter!! only god knows how many people did not bother to look and ended up voting for Bush instead!!!! but hey that's what you get when you use machines built by republicans in a state where the govenor is the Presidents brother and people who voted for Bush because they did not want higher taxes are stupid and have a brain smaller than a rats. the fact is Bush is THE worst president we have EVER had!!!! and the chances of there being a draft are far greater than there not being one. so the only thing i have to say for all the Bush and war supporters are so are you going to enlist or wait for the draft? are you going to enlist in the national guard or active reserves?

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At 5:52 PM, Blogger cheeky monkey said...

It hurts like hell doesn't it. Reminds me of 94 but worse. I keep thinking about all the court appointees. Yikes.

To your good points about the Democratic party--in many ways I agree. Here's the thing. The GOP has performed the most amazing slights of hand and convinced blue collar America that they are better off financially, and morally, with the Right than they are with the Left. It's wholesale lying. But the GOP does a lot of things the Left doesn't:
1) NO dissent within party--no disagreement.
2) Outright slander and lies... repeat, lather, rinse, repeat until the American people AND press believe it.
3)Claim moral and religious superiority.
4) Claim to speak for the everyday woman--as if their billions and bankruptcies, Enrons and Haliburtons are the doing of the evil Left.
5) Similarly, they have demonized intellectualism. Why exactly is it so bad to be smart, to speak well, to have a smart leader? Hey, I might have a beer with Bush but I sure as hell don't trust his gray matter (or his morals for that matter).
6) Control the discourse by claiming the media is biased to the Left, gobbling up ownership of every TV, radio and cable franchise and spewing blatant propaganda on the PUBLIC airwaves.

So, do we follow that model? Is it better for the country to have good moderate leaders from the Left in the short term at the expense of running a civil, positive campaign? I think so, but I'm grappling with those issues. I never want to win with the tactics the Right uses, but now I wonder if there's a choice.

PS-- I don't understand your comments about Obama. It would have been stupid to waste the amazing talents, vitality and charm of a clear political star by keeping him in his state, especially since his race was not remotely competitive. I think he lent a lot of credibility to the party, especially for minorities. It seems that you're saying black people who stand with politicians are sell outs.... am I reading you wrong?? It's like saying black kids who do well in school are being white. (OK, a harsh stretch but I'm trying to understand why Obama's help with galvanizing the party is seen as possibly putting his minority integrity on the line.)

At 7:49 PM, Blogger Caleb Yang said...

that had to be some of the best entries I've seen in a while

At 10:11 AM, Blogger dmazanec said...

Too late. Obama pimped himself. Just wait and you'll see he's just another pretty face. He'll end up like the 'Breck Girl' Edwards (who?).

At 10:56 AM, Blogger Chess613 said...

I think you guys have a great blog going on and this is one blog I'll be coming back to on a regular basis. I know the election is over but I hope you guys keep the blog going. To quote The System: Don't distub this groove..

I'm a black man living in the bay area CA (formerly from the Chocolate City Washington DC) and I have to say this 2004 election was a devestating blow for me, but one I saw coming. It's like preparing for a date with the school beauty queen only to have her cancel out on you at the last minute because she's going out wiht someone else. There's not only disappointment that America rejected Kerry but America rejected me - my values, what I feel are important and what I believe American should represent.

Bush got 13% of the hispanic vote (my mexican friend was quick to tell me that it was mostly the cuban votes in Florida) and 8% of black votes primarily on values - or directly, the anti-gay marriage vote. Bush has brilliantly marketed this election as the Values Election - if you vote against me, you vote against God, values and American Pride. No one wants to vote against the american soldier - despite the fact that it's not the soldier's fault he's told to go to a country that had NOTHING to do with the war on terrorism. No one wants to vote against traditional values - despite the fact that this should be a country where people decide their own values, not the government. Do I care if Jeff and Bill have a thing going on next door? No.. has nothing to do with my life.

But Kerry made some key mistakes:
1. John Edwards - he was squeezably soft in his debate with Cheney and he couldn't even carry his own state (NC)
2. He voted for the War in Iraq and had to waste time explaining why he's now against it. He should have said "We in congress believed the president when he told us there were WMDs there and there were direct ties to al-qaida. He lied to us. My sin is that I believed his lie. He lied to us - he lied to America"
3. He should have hit home that Americans should be free enough to set their own values and not try to enforce their values on others.
4. He should have set a groundwork principle on when to go to war - and remind people that this is the first time in American history that we initiated a first strike war.
5. He should have drawn the parallel between increase in defense spending and decrease in domestic spending - and the direct connection between that and the high crime rate in all major cities.

There's more but those are the main points. Let's face it, we live in a Pharisee nation - where one dominant group of people have set values and rules that they are enforcing on others. By the time we get to 2008 (I'll be 39), Republicans will have been in power for nearly 3/4 of my life (only two elected democrats to five republicans) and only Clinton has won back to back victories for the dems since FDR - compared to Ike, Nixon, Reagan and Bush II.

The Dems need to really think about how the rest of this Red Nation sees their party.

At 1:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bush has very little need to be inclusive. He just went through 18 months of shit from you liberals, and it hasn't yet stopped. So why should he try to be inclusive of you folks? Be honest, are any of you ready to forgive him or work with him? Didn't think so.

As for the black vote, you blacks need to wake up to the fact that the Dems take you for granted. When have they NOT run an old white guy for President? Has your lot been improved one iota by the Dems? They'll run minorities in minority districts, but that's about it. And I wouldn't get too excited about Obama. He run basically unopposed. He'll be the token black the Dems will run out as their mouthpiece when it suits them. The Dems are using you; I'm glad to see a few of you waking up to that fact.

At 1:39 PM, Blogger Dr. Science said...

One of these days the Dems are going to get over Reagan....when they do they will start to win. No, Lieberman is exactly what the party DOES NOT need. Trying to get the evangelical homophobes to vote for a democrat is wrong. Democrats will win when they stand for something. How many young people STILL didn't vote? Easily enough to trump the far-right vote. Why don't they vote? Because the generally see republicrats running and don't give a shit.

Stand for something...that's what I think they need to do. Or, they could keep doing the same thing only more and keep don't think Karl Rove has a plan to improve on this year's numbers for next year?

At 1:43 PM, Blogger Dr. Science said...

Why can't people flame non-anonymously?

Bush will get 4 more years of shit from us liberals if he continues to...well, if he continues to be who he is...

At 1:56 PM, Blogger Juliet said...

Except for anonymous, I read some great & interesting comments here. Anonymous is too angry to reason with (much like the person who left a "F*** DUBYA" note on my windshield yesterday in response to my Bush sticker.) Let me give you my point of view, as a republican from a blue state who voted for Bush. I'm female, not an evangelical christian, not voting on moral issues. Pro-choice & stunned that people are so upset at the prospect of gay marriage. I want: lower taxes. I have 4 kids to raise & put thru college & I'm in the tax bracket that never gets any breaks (all phased out by the time they get to me); I make enough to live in a nice neighborhood but not enough to send my kids to private schools. I got no "rebate". Kerry thinks I'm "rich" but he could not be more wrong. I'm not suffering; I'm self-employed. I want: no more gun control. History is filled with examples of govt disarming the population, only to turn on it later. Hitler and Mao are two prime examples in many of our or our parents' lifetimes. I'm no gun fanatic but I do not trust the govt, repub or dem. I want: more democracy in the middle east. I know Iraq is a disaster but I think the grand plan is to get a democracy going over there & they picked Iraq because they had the most heinous regime. Bush may or may not have believed there were WMDs but that was a justification he could sell to the people. The question is whether the ends (democracy in the middle east...hope it spreads to Saudi Arabia) justifies the means (preemptive war). I don't know the answer but I do know that we have to be proactive, not sit around waiting for another attack. I'm not saying Iraq attacked us, I'm saying we've got to do something to get democracy in that part of the world.

As far as Kerry goes, he may be brilliant but he could not defend this country. He's a pacifist. He was basically a radical anti-war activist in his youth, as was his right, and he was and is a left liberal in the Senate. He couldn't get elected on his record because that's not what the American people want. So he never discussed his record. That's why he was defeated. He would not admit who he really is. (Plus his wife is really annoying! But that's another subject.) His pick of Edwards was a huge miscalculation, almost as bad as Bush Sr. picking Quayle, and probably hurt him in the long run. The guy's a trial lawyer, and trial lawyers are almost universally reviled, even though most of them are probably decent people. It's all about image.

What disturbs me about this election, even though my guy won, is this perception that he was voted in by evangelical christians. Elections should not be about morals, although the president should be a role model and morally upstanding. They should be about leadership and Bush leads. In times of fear, people want a strong leader. I voted for him because I think he'll make the tough decisions and move us forward. I hope he makes the right decisions. I was more afraid that Kerry would make NO decisions and we'd be sitting ducks.

At 2:07 PM, Blogger Dr. Science said...'s interesting to hear from a "dubya" supporter, but I have to say I'm stunned by some of your comments.

Lower taxes? Because you want your kids to go to private school? Is that really the difference? If Bush is in office you will have enough money to send your kids to private school? Really? How much was your rebate? Was it enough? How deep would the cuts have to be for you to live the lifestyle you want? Why not just earn more? Do you believe in the potential good of government programs like Medicare, or oh I don't know...NASA?

AS far as Iraq goes....WHY do we have to "get democracy going" over there??? And what gives us the right to massacre thousands of civilians to teach them that we bring peace? Perhaps the biggest question is, why do we ask our sons and daughters to cut men in half with 50 caliber machine guns? Heard any stories lately of what we have asked our military to do over there? Asked any of these men and women how their lives are going now that they're back in the US (for now)?

At 2:10 PM, Blogger Dr. Science said...

Just a quick follow up....Kerry thinks that if you make $200K per year you're do I. If you make that kind of money then you have enough power - you don't need the government's help any more. You might want more, but you should be able to do that on your own....

At 2:20 PM, Blogger Dr. Science said...

Here's another thing that worked for Bush and something the democrats should definitely NOT copy (Juliet, I hope you don't mind me quoting you here):

" In times of fear, people want a strong leader. "

What exactly are you afraid of? AlQaeda going to blow up your neighborhood civic center? Saddam going to launch a nuclear bomb and hit your house? Jihad Jonny Walker going to gas your kids' school?

None of these things will happen. However, Americans have been sold a story of fear to make them (us?) support a man who is lying to us, cheating us, and quite literally stealing from us.

At 3:39 PM, Blogger Dr. Science said...

And just to add insult to's likely that (AGAIN) Kerry could have won if ALL VOTES WERE COUNTED!!!


for a general discussion of spoilage of minority ballots, and:

for a discussion of Ohio...a good quote from the ole Sec. of State in there too...evil bastard.

At 4:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Being a Canadian, I feel that I know the effects of a more "hands-on" government approach. That is what truly scared me about Kerry. With all of these plans he was proposing to do things such as reform the healthcare system, I do not see how just restoring the tax-relief Kerry gave to the upper-class could do it.He would of had to raise taxes on everyone. When I lived in Canada, I worked in the least taxed province. I was making $85,000/year (Canadian) and I was paying at 56% tax rate. That is absolutely ridiculous. I was not actually making money until June. I believe that people should keep what they earn.

I am not in that $200,000/year tax bracket, but I believe those people have worked hard for their money, just as we all have. If the government is going to take it all, then what is the point of even trying to get there. I think they should pay a higher percentage, which they do. The people that would have truly been screwed by Kerry's tax plan would have been the people straddling the $200,000 income line. Yes, that is a lot of money, but it is not so much that they can be loose with their money.

As for the war- Bush F***ed up.


At 5:30 AM, Blogger Juliet said...

Dr. Science should get over the "they didn't count the votes" is conspiracy thinking & it's wrong. Read the paper, Bush won fair & square. I don't make $200K but I am one of those straddling the line & won't be retiring anytime in the next few decades. I didn't say I just want my kids to go to private school, I was trying to illustrate where I am financially. I'm doing fine but I'm not rich. I'm doing fine because of choices I've made for myself, not because the govt has done anything for me. I don't believe for one second Kerry would have drawn the line at $200K anyway. Tax cuts benefit everyone. If my business makes more, I hire more people. Kennedy & Reagan & Bush knew that when you cut taxes you increase govt revenues & boost the economy. It's a fact that libs don't like to admit. They are more interested in the redistribution of wealth. And by the way, Dr. Science, yes, I do worry that Johnny Walker Jihad will try to gas my kids' school, a la chechnya. As for democracy in the middle east, we had 9/11 attackers bred by a repressive govt. in Saudi Arabia. By putting democracy in the middle east the hope is to give people there power & a voice so they can control their own destiny & stop blaming us for everything.

At 7:32 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just want to say that I am so glad to hear a black voice on this issue. So many minorities vote Democrat because who knows why. But, let's recap. Bush put several Mexicans in power, and was the first to put Blacks in the highest ranking a Black person has ever been in: Colin Powell, Condoleeza Rice. The Republicans are working to make things equal, the Democrats are working to give out enough handouts to keep minorities under their thumb and out of work. Another note of racism by the Democrats: They edged Leiberman out of the race because he's Jewish. I didn't know Anti-Semitism even existed in America. He definitely would have had my vote, and I'm registered Republican.


At 8:55 AM, Blogger Dr. Science said...

So now Harvard is in the business of propagating conspiracy theories?

I don't think so. The suppression of minority votes is real and it's wrong. Without it, the powerful minority at the top would not retain their power.

57.7% of the US net worth is held by 5% of the population (see:

On it's face I don't fault these people for being wealthy. However, many of them didn't get there by pulling themselves up by their bootstraps. They got there primarily by exploiting workers (think: Wal-Mart, or Enron), and those workers should have the right to elect government officials that truly represent them.

By suppressing the minority/poor vote the powerful make sure that this doesn't happen.

At 12:08 PM, Blogger Dr. Science said...

Oh, and Juliet, in case Harvard isn't good enough for you, here is the report from the United States Congress on the 2000 election:

Given the gap between exit polls and the election results it's not likely that much has changed since then.

At 1:51 PM, Blogger Dr. Science said...

Just a minor clarification...that is not "THE" report. There wasn't a commission or anything, but the representative's report is consistent with other reports talking about this....

At 8:26 PM, Blogger CleverCynic said...

You people crack me up. Being young is a temporary CONDITION. They are the most media-impressionable group in the country and you prostituted them! I mean, come ON! They've been on the receiving end of the system their whole lives! There is nothing they can offer on behalf of the rest of us that is theirs to give! And don't they of course have the life experience to be determining policy for the rest of us in this country? You guys make me laugh.

Borack Obama is GREAT! And I genuinely mean that. However he has lived his life as a PERFECT republican: son of an African goat herder who married a poor kansas woman. Took the GI bill and went to college, then law school, gained fame, became a politician and addressed the nation on national tv. And what does he say? Something about no opportunity? You guys have to realize that instead of patting him on the back, his very existence PROVES there's nothing holding anyone back who has the value system to succeed. If he really wanted to help those he left behind he should be telling them that it wasn't the stump that made all the difference, it was the journey there.

At 9:32 PM, Blogger CleverCynic said...

Oh and WE breed faster? Have you even LOOKED at the demographics you won? The only difference is we're KEEPING ours. You'd have over 50,000,000 MORE democrats if you didn't genocide yourselves.

At 11:49 AM, Blogger Mark Thomas said...

Great post. I can agree on the basic level that the Dems suck at running a campaign. But you've also missed the most important point that a majority of America holds "values" in high regard. This is why the Dems are completely out of touch with America. You can't create policies from the fringes of Hollywood and expect the true American people to jump on board. Unless the Democrats start respecting values, morals and religion the Conservative base will just grow and grow until the Dems are just another Green party.

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At 6:22 PM, Blogger GRANNY said...

I don't give a HOOT what color a candidate is that runs for office. I WILL NOT, nor will I EVER, support anyone who swears on a bible that states to kill all in the name of allah. If being a muslim means I would have to kill another human because of their religious beliefs or lack of beliefs, I would drop kick that religion like a hot potato.
I usually vote straight ticket anyway. REPUPLICAN. I am not saying all are perfect, none are. I will stick to my christianity as all it asks to get into heaven is to 'believe'. NOT KILL.

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