Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Marry an American, and more...

Okay, people are joking (I think) about leaving the country.

So some folks have come up with a pretty nifty date-site called Marry An American, designed to pair up anxious liberals with their matches.

Meanwhile, I put a joke ad in Craigslist that reads:

Need Reverse Green Card

Young-ish, nubile-ish single female seeks to marry man with EU citizenship so I can get out of this country.

Okay, this ad is a joke.... I'm actually writing an article... If you have EU citizenship--or other citizenship-- and
have been propositioned by desperate American females, please email with the story.


Silly, you say? Mais bien sur! But here are the responses I got:

"I am european and have been asked many times, in fact this morning I was asked 4 times if I could not help them to restart their life in Europe. it sounds like this is the next wave of exodus of intellect. The US attracted smart people in the 80s with their green card lotteries. now, with Irland the last EU country closing a loophole, Europe will be the target for smart people to live and work in. "



"another effin' research project.."



"Hi there-

One of my hip friends put me on to your ad. I am 34, an American citizen, but I have an Irish passport.

My mother was born in Ireland, and under Irish law, I am eligible for citizenship even though I was born in Boston. I applied for the passport a few years ago when I was working in the EU for a client (I am a lawyer) for an extended period of time. An Irish passport allows the holder to live and work anywhere in the EU.

I think the reason that my friend put me on to your ad is that my Irish passport has been an endless source of fascination for members of the opposite sex. I have never been married, and my mother would tell you that the steady stream of girlfriends is less than healthy. The Irish passport has only helped with the volume of that stream.

I suspect that your interest in this topic is motivated by something other than your article. Otherwise, why bother advertising that you are nubile-ish? Anyway, I have never met someone online, although I have dated someone because of my passport (she and I traveled a bit in Europe last year and she used to make me whisper in a brogue sweet nothings in her ear during intimate moments). It would be fun to meet you."


"p.s. I have a picture (not a passport picture!) if you are interested because I am guessing that I am not the first guy who has a told an anonymous woman via email that he is tall, handsome, athletic, smart and successful."


"I have kept my EU Passport & Citizenship............because I know they will come in handy!

Especially after last night, with MORON Bush for another 4 years, Americans are being snubbed in Europe.

Most Americans do not realized, yet slowly but surely the EU Economy of 450 million people... with far superior education...will surpass the American Economy in not too much time.

Anyone with half a brain, may watch the decline of the US Dollar vs the Euro..... but that is way to difficult of a concept to grasp for most Americans.... who are way too busy buying Wal Mart trinkets and other useless garbage!

I am happy to have kept my papers..............

Sure, If a beautiful woman needs my help, I'll consider matters.............."



"You can leave ANY TIME you want to. Still HERE??? Guess you DIDN'T really leave too badly. I'll even pay for the fucking
plane ticket. You should live in Baghdad. STUPID BITCH ! ! !




First of all you might wonder why I found your posting. I don't want you to think that I was browsing the personals on Craigslist, no no,... ok let's talk about something else.

My name is (extremely long European name) but I have to cut that to (initials) since I'm in the States. I'm from France and Monaco, I was raised almost entirely in North of France and spent few years in Germany. After my PhD I worked between Paris and Stuttgart before leaving to the Silicon Valley.

I'm living and working in the bay area since 5 years now. It's indeed my final year as an H1-B but my company is filling for a green card for me. I own the equivalent of 2BS, 2 MS and a PhD, plus few years of experience, so this adjustement of status should be easy to get.

Anyway a lot of my friends find another way to get their residency status cleared: they got married (for real, not with a fake union) and I have to admit that several time few girls wanted me to admit that it was an easier way to get a green card.

I would say that two girls, two friends, proposed directly and seriously. One single mom with whom I was living as roommate for 3 years and one who might really want to get married.

On top of that I recall at least half a dozen of proposals I got from girls I met at parties, mainly friends of friends, or girls working in my company. Two of them gave me a price rather quickly in the conversation: $5K or $10K down and $400 or $500 /month for the next 4 years.

I'm not desperate to work in this country but I like my job, I like my company and I love living in San Francisco. If I have any problem to stay in the US next year I will be very sad but on the bright side I will not have to pay those $40K/year in tax and medicare. I'm sure that a lot of countries are willing to accept me.

I have to admit that I'm not in the same situation as an illegal alien who came here to seek an El Dorado. Even my nanny had her own butler. I have never seen a boat people of refugees from Monaco and if such thing exists one day I'm sure it would be a nice yacht.

I'm confident with my immigration lawers and the work they just began to set up my labor certificat, so I'm very optimistic to get my green card this way but if anything happens, I could put half a million $ in a business and apply for residency. This way might be cheaper than a weeding, especially in California.

If you want more informations about the proposals I had, feel free to send me back an email at (email)

Good luck for your article"



"Funny ad young lady, my complements. I do have a EU Passport and grew up there but have
grown to love this country here. Not interested so much in participating in a political survey though as much as I am interested in dating on of the great ladies of this free country.
43,5-11,and sharp."



"go to bed ! !"



At 4:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is an awesome post! When I saw the news this morning I thought, "France or Italy...?" after crying.

At 4:57 PM, Blogger Braidwood said...

Ha! I have heard several people say they want to leave the country now. Funny experiment.

At 5:53 PM, Blogger Rigel said...

While I'm not about to put out an ad for someone to marry me, I have actually thought about leaving the country if Bush was still our president. Some people are joking, but some may be serious.

At 10:25 AM, Blogger larrylin said...

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