Thursday, November 04, 2004

Making my choice.

Went to vote here in Flagstaff this afternoon after class and was amazed
by the number of people waiting to cast their vote. The line was out the
door and down the hall and they kept coming, as the line was that long
still when I left. Luckily since I had to be at work it only took about a
half-hour, which is not too bad.
As I was chatting with the poll workers found that the whole day has been
the very same way. Lots of people. What shocked me was the number of
people casting provisional ballots, coming out f the woodwork to make
their choice. Some estimates I have heard here in AZ put the turnout into
the 75% ranges, which is unreal considering around 40% turned out for the
last election. It is sad and amazing at the same time that it took a
polarizing election like this to bring people out when they should have
been doing it all along. Maybe this will catch on and every election
turnout will be this way. One can only hope.
The polls here in AZ have been closed now for about an hour so results
should be showing up soon. But the unknown variable I think is going to
be the provisional ballots. Hopefully we'll know soon!

Tom Long, student, husband, starting life over anew.

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At 10:01 AM, Blogger Jake said...

Cool Blog. Hey good to hear you voted. I am dissapointed about the results as I am sure you are.

See ya

At 5:30 PM, Blogger PP said...

Good to hear that there was a high turnout. Here in Australia, if you don't vote - you get fined. Maybe they should introduce that in America too :)

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