Tuesday, November 02, 2004

the lever thing

Voted. Boyfriend and I both did, across the street from our apartment, before he went to work. Lines not too long at around 10:30. Three districts in the same school cafeteria. Person in front of me was calmly explaining to the worker that Yes he was registered. She was giving him a form to fill out. We went to the booth for our 14th District and did the lever thing. I haven't voted in years, BF hasn't voted since .... well, since he was around eighteen. He hadn't decided until this morning, whether or not he was going to participate. He's an old-school cynic, heartbroken by politics, and resigned to the notion that nothing ever changes. But I put on the one t-shirt I own that has an American flag on it, as well as my red 'n' blue Pumas, asked him not to turn on the TV because I didn't want to be influenced by ONE WORD OF ANYTHING before I voted, and he said, I thought this was Election Day; I didn't know it was Dany's Election Day. So we went.

VOTE HERE, the sign said. VOTE AQUI. In Chinese, too.

I am hopeful.

Danyel Smith, author ("Bliss," June 2005; "More LIke Wrestling," in paperback), New York City.


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