Tuesday, November 02, 2004

It’s official: Barak Obama is going to the Senate.

He just gave a victory speech—apparently I missed it. He’s such a rockstar. He gives everyone a chance to scream progress, even though if we’re honest with ourselves, we know different. What bugs me about Obama is that he's spent the last few weeks campaigning for everyone else in the DNC in every other state. I'm like, "Dude, if you wanna rep me, at least stick around town for more than a few hours at a clip." Is that asking too much? And I know this is going to sound mean, but tons of white people like Obama. And we never talk about race in politics outside of trying to prove how liberal and inclusive everyone is or bashing the republicans... I gues what i'm trying to say is, any brotha that has that many mainstream fans could be in trouble real soon. Anyway...

So far the polls are surprisingly close on a national tip.

If the early counts are legit, Bush has a 165 to 112 lead, which means all things being equal, Bush will pull it out in a fairly close one. Was all the early talk about an easy Kerry win just hype? There’s apparently a large turn-out amongst young people, but many of them are appearing to be closet republicans. This reinforces my “hiphop-ain’t-a- voting-block” theory. Then again, Saul Williams did recently note that rap has gone Republican. Guess the Amethyst Rockstar was right. But it’s still early… I’ll let that one marinate and pick it back up sometime tomorrow.

Win or lose, I’ll also be asking myself this question a lot over the next few: Are people voting for Kerry or just voting against Bush? And are people scared of terrorism and taking the “we haven’t been hit since 9/11 Bush must being doing something right so let’s give him another run” angle?

Poor Alan Keyes… Call him crazy… Call him Right Wing or whatever… But that brotha got pimped. They threw him on the track like a ho and said go get us some votes. He couldn’t and now they’re bouncing him like a bad check.

I’ll holla in a bit…

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At 10:59 AM, Blogger tsidska said...

Yeah, I actually felt really sorry for Alan Keyes, too. Yes, he did agree to be in the public eye, but it bummed me out that the Republicans scabbed out on him like they did.

And I'm glad Obama won; he's the coolest, and hands-down the best-looking member of the Senate now. Like that's hard, but still.


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