Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Is Ohio the new Florida??

It is 3 am- I'm in a dorm room at the University of Michigan (2,000 miles away from my Cali home, mind you) and I just got off the phone with a live morning radio show broadcasting in the UK.

I can't believe that it is 3 am, that I'm at Umich, and I just got off the phone doing a radio interview in the UK.

I have been at U Mich Ann Arbor organizing to get out the South Asian vote- tonight our campaign came to a fabulous end as we had a South Asian Vote Viewing Party at the Pizza House- we had about 100 people stop by throughout the night, most South Asian. Should have known that the 8-1am party time wouldn't be long enough to see the results come though.... But there was definately something cool about being in a room full of brown people, all wearing "I'm South Asian and I VOTE!" stickers, all engaging in political discourse. Since when did college age brown people talk politics, instead of culture show rehearsals and Bollywood stars? Oh yeah, since SAAVY came into town...

I think I'm heading to bed, which is actually the couch of a student fellow in a group house out here. And then comes the spinning, messaging, and plastic optimism that comes on November 3rd of post-election day.

I'm proud of these Umich kids-they did a kick ass job out here this week. they registered young voter, educated them on issues, got them to the polls and protected their rights. We kicked ass, we kicked ass, no matter what the results, we kicked ass.

Taz Ahmed


At 5:54 AM, Blogger League of Night and Fog said...

You got them to vote. Hoo Rah. So tell me something, Rome, when are you going to let the occupied territories vote too; That being the rest of the world?

At 6:26 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

*sigh* I can't believe it's going to be another lawyer induced fight for the white house. Was it just me or where elections simpler when i was a child? As much as I want Kerry to win, i just don't feel that he will. Big W has far too many rats up his sleeve and the actual idea of him reliquishing his death grip on our nation is far far far from ever becoming a reality. I just want to say to all of those undecideds who voted for him poo on you. How could you? I understand if you were gun ho over the guy and NEVER wavered. But if you had doubts...real doubts over this president...WHY? Because you're afraid of change? Because you're not sure what might happen if John Kerry won and that scared you? I'm sorry honey but if i KNEW my car was going to go over a cliff but i wasn't sure what would happen if i tried to jump out the car door (you know whether i survived or get rolled over by the car wheels) I'm going to take the car door because D*mn it, there's a better chance of NOT going over the edge by NOT staying in the car! *sigh*
I'm going to go stick my head in the oven.
it's electric. lol
but frankly my apartment is freezing and with Bush in control i don't see my utilities going down any time soon.

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