Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Drat the exit polls

Heard about Kerry conceding on Fox News as I drank my morning tea. The people chose Bush (who will probably appoint a conservative Supreme Court judge within his next term). The people voted in a Republican-majority Congress. In a slew of states, the people passed anti-gay marriage initiatives.

I wanted to believe that the dissatisfactory direction of our country resulted from the leadership of politicians who are out of touch with the people. Now I must concede: even though there seems to be a measure of ambivalence, the majority of the people of this country took a sharp right turn some time ago. Living in the Bay Area bubble, I didn't want to believe my worldview was so alarmingly detached from the rest of this nation.

So it really is a civil culture war. It's not about partisan politics, policy or candidates; it's about "morals and values." Massive social and cultural change needs to happen -- and the Republican ideology needs to be completely discredited -- before liberals can lead the country again. And it's about message. For God's sake, the left needs to figure out how to frame and deliver a coherent, convincing message.

How will these things happen?

option8, San Francisco


At 10:30 AM, Blogger john said...

Look at the brighter side of things- we now have complete election irony- will the country (51%) survive the victory over the next four years? De Toqueville described the "Masses as Asses"- it still holds true! What also holds true is if you are in denial, nothing can really be wrong, except with everybody who doesn't agree with you (pyschosis and neruotic maybe). Ask anyone who voted for the President this year, if they voted for him at the end of his "new term of office the answer will be "no" except for those who still haven't pulled their heads out of their rectums!

At 10:58 AM, Blogger john said...

On consideration then "right thinking" can only be right thinking and "left thinking" can never be right thinking until "left thinking" is "right thinking" and right thinking becomes "left thinking"? That is to say when "left thinking" is finally right thinking- oooh, my head is starting to hurt.
Lets try it differently? Today "right thinking" is Not thinking making it right thinking, which makes "left thinking", thinking, but it is not right thinking. That's scary! Get me some aspirin, quick!
Let's try it one more time?
I think therefore I am; no someone else already said that. Let's think about the thought and invent a new term that is neither "right" nor "left"- lets call it "confusion"; then we can neither be right or wrong there will be no value judgement just "confusion"? Ah ha my headache is improving!

At 12:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

John, lay off the weed, man. Pass the bowl to the liberal on your left!

At 3:57 PM, Blogger InspectorCliche said...

Wednesday, November 03, 2004
Election 2004 - National Pulse
Election 2004 - National Pulse

It occurred to me as I watched one of the big 3 television broadcasting networks follow the election returns last night that many news media correspondents are completely out of touch with the pulse of the average American citizen.

Case in point:
Rudy Julian was presented with a question by one of these correspondents something like this - "it just doesn't feel like we are/or should be a nation at war - when I go about my daily business on the streets of New York City, I never meet anyone remotely involved in the war effort - don't you believe that we (our country) would be better off today if we hadn't started the war in Iraq?".

Rudy responded in his usual calm and confident manner to set this "journalist" straight with the following points:

1. We (the US) did NOT start the war in Iraq - resolution after resolution was passed by the UN demanding that Iraq allow UN inspectors to disprove the intelligence reports accummulated by multiple countries on the UN panel. Saddam's refusal to comply with these resolutions left us with no choice but to go on the offensive in the wake of 9/11. Allowing Iraq to ignore UN resolutions (16 in all) without repurcussion would have left the UN in a state of abandonment (if any rogue nation can ignore UN resolutions - what is the purpose of having a UN?). Make no mistake about it, Saddam started the war in Iraq - but we will finish it.

2. Our offensive against 9/11 is working - immediately after 9/11, No one would have bet that the leadership of this country could take any action to avoid additional terrorists attacks within our borders over the following 3 years - additional attacks at that point in our history seemed imminent. However, by taking the bold action of going on the offensive against all terrorist organizations seeking to bring harm to the United States (not just the terrorist who hit the Twin Towers), the leadership of this great nation has put all of the major terrorist organizations seeking to do us harm on the run by taking the "War" to them. Bin Laden has been reduced to a perpetual game of "hide and seek" that will ultimately end in his demise as the leader of the Taliban. Saddam Hussein's terror regime has been toppled. Other terrorists organizations who have drawn an endless supply of terrorized, poverty stricken youths from Iraq to perform their acts of terror (usually in the form of suicide missions) have crossed the border into Iraq out of necessity - if Iraq is successful in sharing the wealth and potential of their nation through the vehicle of a free and democratic form of government, where will these terror organizations find resource or refuge?

Imagine, if you can, a free and democratic form of government in the heart of the middle east that shares its wealth and opportunities with all of its citizens. Imagine Iraqi citizens who begin to break away from the miserable bonds of terror and poverty - and begin to dream.

This cannot happen over night - we occupied Germany and Japan for serveral years following WWII. But we did not seek to occupy them forever, but rather, to assist them in forming their own free and democratic form of government. Today, no one refers to either Germany or Japan as an extension of the US government - but rather, as free and independent nations. Why can't we share the same dream for Iraq?

The stakes are high. Pulling out too early would be disastrous - possibly giving rise to an even more terror driven form of government. In honor of the service men and women who have already made the supreme sacrifice in this effort, we must invest the necessary resources to rebuild and secure a free and democratic Iraq. Ten to fifteen years down the road, the rewards for not only the average Iraqi citizen, but also, the safety/security of all nations will be priceless.

3. Although the volunteer soldiers in Iraq are disproportionately from states other than New York, New Yorkers should never forget the ties that bind this great nation together. Volunteer soldiers from the heart-land of this country have committed themselves to fight against the terrorists who sought to destroy the security of this great nation on 9/11 (most of whom have never even had the privilege/opportunity to visit New York City). Make no mistake, throughout the heart-land of this great nation we Know not only that we are at war, but also why we are at war, with whom, and what the stakes are for the future of this great nation and for peace-loving nations around the globe.

From the results of yesterdays election, I'd say that Rudy is closer to the true "Pulse" than any of the commentators we all watch on the nightly news.

At 7:48 PM, Blogger mike said...

Excellant post. No more can be said.

At 7:49 PM, Blogger DBQ said...

To Anonymous -

Pass it to the conservative on your right. They need to loosen up a little bit

At 7:49 PM, Blogger DBQ said...

To Anonymous -

Pass it to the conservative on your right. They need to loosen up a little bit

At 6:27 AM, Blogger john said...

And now we know why George was re-elected. By the way pass the bong back.

It is incredible to me that any American (and by the way, I am your native son) would hold that we have a "right" to invade another country without an open act of agression by that country against the US. Good thing Mexico or Canada isn't able to exert it's will on us or we might actually have to defend our borders. Even more incredible is that we haven't learned that we cannot force our way of life on other peoples at gun point, not without a significant loss of American lives.

Countries WILL protect their "turf", but then again those who see it as the America, the righteous and only way, forget that is exactly why we fought for our own liberty, from the Brit's (the righteous and only way). Note, isn't it amazing how the British seem to wind up in the same position some 200 odd years later? perhaps some of the other bloggers here are too young to have understood what Vietnam did to the fabric of America. I am proud to tell you I am old enough. I am also old enough to understand the pointlessness of "Gun Boat Diplomacy".
To anyone who thinks we have a right to have invaded another sovereign nation, stop and consider why our allies have provided little more than token support? Their political savy makes our sacrifice of American lives as a discreditation of all we claim to stand for.

Did we rush to the aid of Afganistan(read send in 100,000 troops), when the Russians invaded (and consequently "lost")? I could continue to cite the repeated follies of the US and other nations at this type of diplomacy, but it won't change the minds of the "righteous majority" in this country

Dissent is as much a part of the American fabric as all our other "freedoms", the sad part of this is that we will again see the cost of war in American lives, budget deficits and a deterioration to our way of life. Just remember that 48% of Americans did not agree to continue the current path. In four years,which side will you be proud to stand with "the 48's" or the "51's".

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